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Help is needed? SERVPRO North Arlington is here to help

A faulty toilet valve can be the cause of some major damage. SERVPRO North Arlington was called onsite to perform water mitigation services. After the extraction, applying antimicrobial, we left drying equipment to get the structure dried out.  

Commercial cleaning...

SERVPRO North Arlington was called onsite to perform a deep cleaning of the bathrooms in the facility. We provided a deep cleaning from the ceiling to the floors. There is no job to large or small for us to handle. SERVPRO North Arlington is here to help! 817-557-1447.

Is there an unwanted odor in your place of employment?

Sometimes there are odors that the origin of it cannot be located. For those situations SERVPRO North Arlington has found that placing an Air Scrubber can help minimize the odor. After leaving the Air Scrubber for 4 days and then deodorizing the unit helped eliminate the odor.

When Mondays are Mondays!

Walking into your place of employment and seeing water all over the office is definitely not something anyone wants to deal with, and that was the case for our customer. Luckily, SERVPRO of North Arlington was here to help make a "Monday not so much a Monday".

If you are need of services please call us at 817-557-1447

When a fire causes havoc!

Unfortunately a local business had a fire occur at it's loading dock causing a widespread water damage throughout their entire building. We were onsite within 30 minutes and were able to respond in a prompt matter to prevent the company's inventory to be damaged. Because majority of the fire occurred on the trucks outside the warehouse there was not much soot in the facility but there was plenty of water damage. Our technicians placed air movers, air scrubbers, hydroxyls, and dehumidifiers to dry out the structure.

No job is too big nor too small for us to handle!

Our local recreation center was in need of a company to come into their restrooms and provide a general cleaning to the walls, floors, partitions, toilets, and sinks. Our franchise was called to provide these services. The restrooms had not been deep cleaned in a while and we were more than happy to assist with the cleaning.