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Being Mindful of Our Water Usage

7/19/2017 (Permalink)

With the summer time here and the heat increasing daily let's remember to conserve our water usage.

Did you know that 50% of water used outdoors is wasted from inefficient watering methods.

The City of Arlington has teamed up with an irrigation company and is offering 100 free irrigation system checkups to Arlington homeowners.


Watering outdoors is not allowed between 10am and 6pm.

Water Conservation Tips for inside the home:

Practice Water Saving Techniques:

  • Scrape food from plates instead of rinsing.
  • Operate automatic dish washers only when full.
  • Don't use running water to thaw meat, defrost food in the refrigerator.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits in a bowl, don't let water run.
  • Capture tap water while waiting for hot water.

Tropical Cindy is on it's way!

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Are you ready for STORM?

With tropical storms and hurricanes starting to show face it is very important that we are prepared and educated on how to keep safe. Though we will not be affected here locally in the DFW area it is still very important that we are informed what is happening in every storm situation.

First and foremost keeping yourself informed with the type of storm that is being projected is very important. So let’s see what they are saying about Tropical Storm Cindy.

Tropical Storm Cindy continues to track through the northwest Gulf of Mexico, bringing potentially life-threatening flooding concerns to parts of the Gulf Coast and South through late this week. Gusty winds, rip currents and isolated tornadoes are also expected. Moisture and energy from Cindy will also spread north and east ahead of a cold front Thursday-Friday, which will result in heavy rain and possible flooding from the South to as far north as the Ohio Valley. A tropical storm warning has been issued from San Luis Pass, Texas, to the mouth of the Mississippi River, which means tropical storm conditions are expected within 36 hours. This warning area includes Houston, Galveston, Texas, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Tropical storm conditions are ongoing in the warning area and will spread westward within the warning area through early Thursday. Cindy is expected to move northwestward and approach the coasts of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas late Wednesday into Wednesday night, before moving inland near the Texas/Louisiana border Thursday.

SERVPRO of North Arlington is prepared to assist in this storm situation! Stay safe.


The Clean Up Crew

6/12/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard The Clean Up Crew Biohazard clean-up and contents removal

Here at SERVPRO of North Arlington we understand how catastrophic the loss of a loved one can be. We empathize with you and it is our number 1 goal to ensure that our customers feel as comfortable as possible during the clean-up process. If you currently in a situation and are needing biohazard clean-up please do not hesitate to call us. We will work with you to figure out the best way to handle your situation. Each biohazard is different from the one before but our customer care and empathy remains the same.

Our biohazard services range from but not limited to: suicides, crime scenes, bodily fluids, break-ins, car wrecks, etc. No job is too small nor too large for us to handle.

We will make sure to be as accommodating and helpful as possible!

Call us at 972-602-1112, 817-577-1447, or 817-557-1505

A brief description of the photo attached. The tenant of this unit had passed away and the complex needed us to performing biohazard clean up as well as discard of the contents in the unit. We removed the flooring and then applied a sealer to the subfloor.

Hail Damage? Do not wait until tomorrow.

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

What do you do when you have checked the weather, it states no rain in the forecast and then you wake up to pouring rain, lightning strikes, and hail? This was our issue this morning.

So I checked my phone last night there was no rain in the forecast! As I am getting ready to come to work it's pouring outside and the thunder is so loud that my dogs are going crazy. Then I open garage door and there is hail coming down like crazy. Obviously the weatherman didn't get it right today.

If you woke up this morning to the same situation then it is highly possible that you extremely frustrated because of the traffic and because everyone seems to be driving irrationally.

Did your home get struck by hail? If so we are here to help.

Hail damage can lead to roof damage and roof damage to water damage. If you experiencing water damage in your home or business due to our unexpected storm please call us we are here to get you back in preloss condition as soon as possible. Do not leave what can be taken care of today for tomorrow. Leaving a water damage unattended can be very pricey in long run. What may seem very minimal can lead to mold damage. Who wants to deal with MOLD?

Call us:

972-602-1112~ 817-557-1447~ 817-557-1505

The people who answer your calls

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

We never think about the importance of answering the phone. Here at SERVPRO of North Arlington our main focus is making sure that every phone call is answered promptly, friendly, and with extreme care. We never know what personality and situation we are going to get once we answer the phone. We could be dealing with someone whom has lost a love one and is in need of biohazard service or it could be someone whose entire home has gone up in flames. Because of these situations that could occur we have been taught to handle each phone call with utmost empathy possible. Our administrative assistance play a very big role in our office; from answering phone calls, to dealing with insurance adjuster, to ensuring that every claim is handled promptly. Not only do our administrative assistance answer the phone but they also work hand in hand with the technicians to ensuring that every job is handled correctly.

We would like to honor all administrative assistance and express how much we appreciate all their hard work.

Administrative week is the last week of April and Administrative Professional day is 4/26/17.

How did administrative professional day begin?

During World War II, there was a shortage of skilled administrative personnel in the United States due to Depression-era birth-rate decline and booming post-war business. The National Secretaries Association, founded in 1942, was formed to recognize the contributions of administrative personnel to the economy, support their personal development, and to help attract workers to the administrative field. Key figures who created the holiday were the president of the National Secretaries Association, Mary Barrett, president of Dictaphone Corporation, C. King Woodbridge, and public relations account executives at Young and Rubicam, Harry F. Klemfuss and Daren Ball.

The official period of celebration was first proclaimed by Charles W. Sawyer as "National Secretaries Week", which was held June 1–7 in 1952 with Wednesday, June 4 designated as National Secretaries' Day. The first Secretaries' Day was sponsored by the National Secretaries Association with the support of corporate groups.

In 1955, the observance date of National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April, with Wednesday now designated as Administrative Professionals' Day. The name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week in 1981 and became Administrative Professionals Week in 2000 to encompass the expanding responsibilities and wide-ranging job titles of administrative support staff in the modern economy. The week-long observance was created in order to space out the bookings at restaurants, country clubs, and other places where administrative professionals would be taken out to lunch.

Tornado Alley... We are in Peak Season! Let us HELP you!

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Did you know that Texas is known for having the most tornadoes in all the 50 states.

Or how about that Tarrant county has had the most tornadoes than any other county in the US since 2000.

The peak of tornado season for North Central Texas occurs in late-April to early May. Dallas-Ft. Worth is the largest metropolitan area in Tornado Alley.

The highest average annual concentration of violent-class (F4-F5) tornadoes occurs between Dallas-Ft. Worth and Oklahoma City.

Let's break down the cause of a tornado.

The relatively flat land in the Great Plains allows cold dry polar air from Canada to meet warm moist tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. A large number of tornadoes form when these two air masses meet, along a phenomenon known as a "dryline." The dryline is a boundary separating hot, dry air to the west from warm, moist air to the east. You can see it on a weather map by looking for sharp changes in dew point temperatures. Between adjacent weather stations the differences in dew point can vary by as much as 40 degrees or more. The dryline is usually found along the western high plains. Air moving down the eastern slopes of the Rockies warms and dries as it sinks onto the plains, creating a hot, dry, cloud-free zone. During the day, it moves eastward mixing up the warm moist air ahead of it. If there is enough moisture and instability in the warm air, severe storms can form - because the dryline is the "push" the air needs to start moving up! During the evening, the dryline "retreats" and drifts back to the west. The next day the cycle can start all over again, until a larger weather system pushes through and washes it away. Tornadoes kill an average of 60 people per year, mostly from flying or falling debris.

I know that nothing can prepare for the devastation that is left as a result from tornadoes but you can be prepared by having our contact information in the case that you need someone to assist you in your time of disaster.

We are here to help in anyway needed. From removing debris, to assisting in packing out your home, inventory non-salvageable items, we are here to help along the way.

SERVPRO North Arlington, South Arlington, and Grand Prairie

972-602-1112 / 817-557-1447 / 817-557-1505



4/14/2017 (Permalink)


With our upcoming Easter holiday families are gathering, church services are being attended, plans are being made, but no one is preparing for a home disaster!

SERVPRO of North Arlington is here to assist you in making the unplanned a manageable situation. We are 24 hour emergency service company. If you are in need of any water damage, fire damage services please allow us to assist you. You do not need to wait until Monday to resolve your problem.


Adopt A Street Program

3/9/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO North Arlington, South Arlington, & Grand Prairie has adopted a street in Mansfield.  We are going to pick up trash monthly on a 1 mile stretch to help keep our city clean.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

11/1/2013 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Bathroom Exhaust Fan Total Loss Fire

This house was a total loss because something as simple as a dirty bathroom exhaust fan.